Choosing the Right Ergonomic Products for Your Needs

Choosing the Right Ergonomic Products for Your Needs

Shopping can be a stressful task… especially when you don’t know what you should be looking for in a product. We want to ease this process for you! 

Emailing or calling 1-833-ERGO-123 with your thoughts, concerns or questions is a great way to take the guessing game out of purchasing (We are more than happy to help out). But we get it, sometimes you just want to do things yourself. There is nothing like that feeling of accomplishment when the products you ordered, after research, exceeds your expectations! 

For those independent purchasers out there, here are a few tips on how to go about getting the right ergonomic products. 
Tip 1: Work with the End User 
Who is going to use the product(s)?
It may sound like a trivial question, but knowing who is going to end up using the product(s) affects what you're looking for. 
Understand those people; their body size, height, and habits. Do they have any special requirements?  This will help make sure you buy the right thing the first time.
Tip 2: Take our Survey 
Taking the ErgoMania Survey will help you narrow your search on what product(s) would best benefit the user. The survey questions cover office set-up, user discomforts and habits then offers solutions/products that would be suitable. As a bonus it also gives you tools on how to set up your office!

Tip 3: Compare Similar Products
Comparing products will allow you to understand the differences between the styles, price, benefits and usability. Ergonomic products tend to be geared towards the product usability. So think to yourself, 'is it user friendly?'  The more user friendly it is, the more people are going to use this product correctly and reap the benefits from it.

You are now well on your way to purchasing the right Ergonomic product for you or your co-worker! 
PS. ErgoMania carefully chooses their products and limits the amount of choices to help you save time in your search.

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