Gain Control of Your Home Office

Gain Control of Your Home Office

This blog will help you see the things YOU can CONTROL!

It is no secret that big changes have rocked our country this year and that many things about our lives feel out of our “control”. That is why reminding yourself of things you can control is even more important than before! Being an office ergonomics platform we will focus on what you can control in your work environment, and not how to control your new found love for baking cookies (or bread).


You can control your…



We are hitting you with the hardest thing to control first!

It’s ok if you can’t change your perspective about your current work situation but please give it the good old college try if it is negative.


Focus on the things you like about working from home! Here are a couple of things we think you might like about this new reality:

  • No long commute
  • Choices for lunch
  • Private bathroom
  • The ability to test break methods without peer judgment
  • Having your pet next to you


The Setup

The setup in our opinion is the easiest thing to “control”!


Because you don’t have to change your way of thinking or remind yourself to do something after it is set up optimally… it’s all physical.




You have enough to think about when working from home. Stick a note where you can see it or set a memo on your computer to remind yourself to straighten up or mind your posture.


Have a great day, 

ErgoMania TEAM

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