How to Get Your Co-Worker the Best Gift!

Tis the season! Now that we are getting somewhat back to normal, office holiday parties and co-worker gift exchanges are back! This means time to get the creative juice flowing and get some great gift ideas from this blog to make sure you give the best gift at the party. 

This blog will bring you through the decision making process to get your co-worker the gift they didn’t even know they needed! 

Decision 1 - Choose Useful over Funny 

We think that getting something your co-worker will actually use is the way to go. Getting them a funny little knick knack is great for the shock factor when opening the gift in front of other co-workers but it usually goes to waste not long after. That is why you should get them a useful gift they can actually benefit from.  Decision 1 made! Only 2 to go! 

Decision 2 - Define Budget 

We know you love your co-workers, but usually the spouse, the pets or the kids take up the majority of the gift giving budget. Don’t break the bank for a coworker's gift. Lots of gift exchanges these days put a limit on how much you can spend. That makes this decision for you extremely easy. Just follow the budget laid out for you. If a spending limit has not been imposed, most people would keep their sights on around $50. With $50 you can get them something they will like with no problem! Decision 2 done! Only 1 to go! 

Decision 3 - Choose between a Gift Card, Experience or Physical Gift 

Here are the questions you need to ask yourself to choose what kind of gift you want to give. 

  • How well do you know this coworker? 
  • Do you know exactly what they need? 
  • Are they picky with gifts? 
  • Are you extremely indecisive? 

If you are indecisive and don’t really know your coworker that well, choose the gift card option. Some may think that a gift card option may not be the most thoughtful gift. So here is a way around this stigma. Get them a nice card and write them a beautiful message and include what you think they would like from the store. If they like your idea they will get what you suggested! 

If you are indecisive about what to get them because you do not know what they need. Leave it up to use to figure it out! Get them an experience that will help better their office life! Get them a virtual ergonomic consultation from us! 

If you know what they need to better their office, get them the gift! You can also go check out the most underrated office ergonomic products blog to get more inspiration! 

Enjoy the festivities and be safe! 

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