How to Set Up a Productive Home Office

How to Set Up a Productive Home Office!

Working from home does not have to come with compromises. There is no need to be less productive or comfortable at home compared to the office. This blog will dive into ways to set yourself up for success!


The Set Up

What is available to you? Do you already have a home office or are you tight on space and need to get creative? If you have a home office, check out the blog Working from Home Ergonomics to assess your station and make sure that you have the tools to make it fit you like a glove. Keep reading if you need creativity or more insight.

You kept reading! This means that you are probably a one laptop shop. Now, you may or may not know that laptops although very convenient are not meant to be used for a long period of time. Their design puts you in positions that are ok for a couple of minutes but not 8-hours a day. Flexing your neck to look down at the screen can create discomfort in your upper body, while rounding your shoulders to type puts your back at risk.

An easy set up and take down option that is wallet and back friendly would be to add an external mouse and keyboard.  This will give you the ability to raise the laptop with a laptop stand or books to proper viewing level and have your shoulders and back in a neutral position.

Where to Set Up?

This is when creativity kicks in! Take note of all of the possible work surfaces in your house.

Examples: kitchen counter, kitchen island, coffee table, dining room table, an old sowing station, TV stand, window sill, secured shelving units.

Which surfaces are of less high usage in your household? In other words, which spot is going to be less distracting?

After meals the dining room table is usually the go to option and will probably be your best bet for sitting. The thing is that dining room chairs are normally not adjustable or nearly as comfortable as a good office chair. This makes it a challenge to get into a relaxed working position. Don’t worry these little tricks will help! Place a cushion on your chair to prop yourself up if your keyboard is too high. Add a hard cushion or big books under the keyboard and mouse if they are too low. Invest in a back support for chairs if there is a lack thereof. You can also use an exercise ball as a chair. Make sure there is the right amount of air in it and sit on it carefully. We do not want you to fall over. Switch back and forth between the ball and the chair.

Staying in one position for a long period of time is not recommended regardless of how neutral the positioning is. That being said, stand up! Make use of the other taller surfaces. Bet you didn’t know you could also create a standing working area in your space!

No pain, no aches equals no decrease in productivity!

At the end of the work day, put away your portable office and enjoy the evening just like you would when you work at the office.

If you have any questions email or if need ideas specific to your set-up book a home office consultion!

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