Let’s sit down and choose a chair!

Let’s sit down and choose a chair!


An office chair isn’t just an office chair. It is a productivity driver, a comfort provider, a safety enforcer, and a supporter. Or at least that is what a chair can be if you choose it wisely.

In this post you'll find the top things to consider when browsing for a new office chair. This way, with your new purchase, you can fully understand how a chair can provide all of those benefits.

Size and Weight

People come in all shapes and sizes and chairs do too! It is important to find a chair that supports and fits you. While you are reading through the breakdown of various parts of a chair, do not panic if you find yourself outside of the pre-set range available. Celebrate your uniqueness and contact us at info@myergomania.com, HumanScale and ErgoCentric have the ability to accommodate different heights, width, and depth for almost all of their chairs on Ergo Mania.



Seat Pan Height

Looking at the seat pan height of a chair is extremely important when it comes to people who are close or under 5 feet and those who are nearing 6 foot 4” or over. The reason being that chairs normally have a pneumatic lift that accommodates people who are within the 5 and 6.4-foot range.


Having your feet dangling off a chair or your knees close to your chest is not only uncomfortable, it’s bad ergonomics. We can help you find a chair that lifts you up to new heights and keep your feet on the ground safe and sound.


Seat Pan Width

This might sound trivial but you want to make sure your hips are fully supported by the seat pan. Have you ever been in a plane with small seats? If yes, you know how uncomfortable they can get! The same goes for office chairs. A typical seat pan width is 20” +/- 1. Check out the spec sheet or product brochure to find this information if you think this may not be enough or too big for you. Other options are always available.


Seat Pan Depth

What we love about both ErgoCentric and HumanScale chairs is that the seat pan depth can be adjusted up to 2 inches! The range is more often than not 17" to 19". The rule of thumb is that you want 2 or 3 fingers between the crease of your knee and the seat pan.



Most chairs support up to 300 lbs and our Plus Chair category supports up to 400 lbs. That being said, if you are above 300 lbs and love one of the chairs that is not in the Plus section or are above 400 lbs give us a shout and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


Back Support

Let's outline your options, and what the differences are between HumanScale and ErgoCentric for back support.


HumanScale has incorporated in their design an instant and custom support for every user when they sit in their chair. They pride themselves on using the laws of physics to engineer their chairs to provide that automatic comfort for various postures.

ErgoCentric has a different approach to back support. They created chairs that have a backrest that can be adjusted (5”) in order for you to decide where you want the most lumbar support. They also have an air lumbar option for those who would like to have control on how much lumbar support they receive from the chair (contact us for more information).


Take a look at how adjustable the armrests are. Make sure they will not trap you into the chair, and that they are not too high or low for you.


Another thing to consider is if the armrests will get in the way when they are at an optimal typing position. This may be solved by getting a keyboard tray or completely removing the armrests.



Adjustability is key! It’s essential for finding that perfect position.  To learn more about why adjustability is so important for ergonomics, check out our blog here.


The beautiful thing about this criterion is that all the office chairs on ErgoMania are highly adjustable. Therefore, you do not have to worry about this! 


One less thing to think about. 


Users + Time

How many users are going to use the chair? Is it used 24h a day?


If multiple users are using a single chair, you want to make sure that it fits all the users.


If the chair is used in a 24h setting, make sure to get a 24h chair. This way it will stay in mint condition for a longer period of time and also be under warrant



There are different caster types for flooring and carpet. Make sure that you get the right ones.



Have a budget in mind but don’t let it dissuade you from getting an ergonomic chair. They will benefit you in the long run - health problems are costly long term.



Style is subjective, we will let you browse on your own for this one.


Hopefully this information has helped you form a better idea of what you are looking for in a chair. We know this is a lot of information, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or special requests. 



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