Optimize Your Video Conferencing Set-Up!

You don’t have to be a famous social media influencer to want to upgrade your webcam setup. Whether you work from home or you work in the office, it seems that video conferencing and video content creation is now part of many office workers' lives. If you find yourself being on video calls for a good part of your work week, you should consider improving your video conferencing experience. 

Here are 3 tips that will help you improve your video conferencing setup! 

TIP #1 

Place your webcam wherever your best angle is when you are properly aligned with your viewing screen.


It’s human to want the webcam to capture your best angle for your meetings. Sometimes this great angle can come at a cost. In order to get that perfect video angle, you may compromise your optimal sitting posture. Beauty doesn’t have to equal pain. 

You should be able to adjust your work environment to fit your needs and not the other way around. The Boom Arm (A120) can help you adjust your video conferencing setup (ring light and webcam) effortlessly. A simple pull will help you bring it close when you want to use it and a push will help you get it out of the way.  

When on a video call, you want to make sure the monitor you are viewing is directly in front of you. This will prevent the twisting/turning of the neck. You also want the top of the monitor to be at eye level to avoid extreme neck extension or flexion. 

TIP #2 

Use light to your advantage. 


Looking alert and awake is crucial for your important meetings. It shows that you are ready to put your best foot forward. Lighting can help you achieve this look even though you might look tired. 


Lighting makes a great difference on your complexion. Adding a ring light to your video conferencing (zoom) setup will help you enhance existing lighting or compensate for overly cool or warm lighting. The Kensington ring light has three temperature settings (warm, natural and cool) to help you achieve your lighting needs. 

TIP #3  

Get Yourself the Triple Threat -  Boom Arm, Ring Light, and Webcam.

The ability to have your webcam and ring light on the boom arm allows you to place your webcam wherever you want while on call. You will also have your key lighting no matter where you position your boom arm since the webcam is mounted in the middle of the ring light. 


You will also be able to manage the cables easily and have a clutter free desk!!!!! 

This combo (boom arm, ring light and webcam) provides you with the opportunity to implement TIP #1 and TIP #2 with ease! 

Fun Fact! 

The combo of a ring light with a webcam mounted in the middle is unique to Kensington.

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