Tips for Using a New Ergonomic Mouse and Keyboard!

Adapting to your new ergonomic keyboard and mouse can be exciting, frustrating, beneficial, and comical all at the same time. Using an ergonomic keyboard or mouse for the first time does come with a learning curve, it can be a quick process or take you a little bit longer! Just like anything else, some people take a little more time than others. That said, there are steps you can take to make the process as smooth and as quick as possible without any frustrations!  

Step 1 - Be Open Minded 

When it is your idea to try something new, you are more likely to be motivated to make things work. User acceptance plays a BIG role in success (Lourenço et al, 2021). I know it can be hard if you aren’t completely sure about switching out your keyboard and mouse that have “worked just fine” for years. The ease and familiarity can be hard to leave behind. So here are a couple of facts that will help you see why one would want to make a change to an ergonomic mouse and keyboard. The whole idea of ergonomic products is to help you be in the most neutral position to avoid musculoskeletal injuries and repetitive strain. Limiting your ergonomic risks improves your comfort and your productivity

Step 2 - Take Time 

Take time to get familiar and set up your new ergonomic mouse and keyboard! Most of them come with helpful extra buttons to program to your work needs. Once you get to know them you will be amazed by how much time you are saving. As always, if you need any help with the setup the ErgoMania team is here for you, just shoot us an email

Step 3 - Introduce Your New Keyboard and Mouse Gradually

Yes, you read it correctly! Train moussing and typing on your new keyboard and mouse before completely getting rid of your old stuff. When you are first getting to know your new fantastic input tools pick times during your work day that are less hectic and stressful. This will allow you to be less frustrated if you do make any inputting errors. The more comfortable you are with your ergonomic mouse and keyboard, the longer you are going to be using them instead of your old mouse and keyboard. After a bit, you are going to be so comfortable and good at clicking/typing with your new products that you will be ready to part with the old. 

These 3 steps will make for a smooth transition! Just remember that every change comes with a learning curve. Do NOT get frustrated when you first switch, your inputting skills will be back to normal soon! 

Here is a parting analogy: 

Switching from regular to ergonomic mouse and keyboard is like switching from underhand to overhand serve in volleyball. You may regress a bit at first but just like in volleyball you will get more precise and have better results. 

Lourenço, M. L., Lanhoso, F., & Coelho, D. A. (2021). Usability Evaluation of Slanted Computer Mice. International journal of environmental research and public health, 18(8), 3854.

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