What are the Benefits of Ergonomics?

What are the Benefits of Ergonomics?

1. Reduces Physical Discomfort

When you implement effective ergonomic strategies in the workplace, employees will experience less discomfort.  
Additionally, with a proper ergonomic set up, this means that employees are at less risk of developing musculoskeletal problems and carpal tunnel. 

2. Increases Productivity

Taking frequent breaks can increase productivity - it’s science!  Taking several short breaks gives your brain the chance to re-calibrate and then make better and faster decisions.  

The best tool you can use to help remind you to take frequent breaks, are to set a timer, or invest in a sit/stand desk.  Having a sit stand desk will encourage you to switch positions, and in doing so forcing your mind and body to switch things up.  That change or break can help your body and mind immensely!

This means that employees will not only be more productive, but will be able to make better decisions at a quicker pace.

3.  Happier Employees & Workplace.

It goes without saying, but experiencing less discomfort, and being more effective at your job is satisfying!  With a boost to their physical & mental health, you’ll see a marked difference in the happiness level of employees and of the workplace as a whole.

Happier workplaces have better teamwork, employees are more dedicated to their work, there’s less turn over and some companies have lower health care costs.  It also fosters an environment for creativity and innovation. 

Exciting news isn't it? How can you get started?  We’ve got you covered.  ErgoMania has the products to help achieve these benefits.  From ergonomic chairsdeskskeyboards & mice, we want to make sure your workplace is happier and more effective than ever! 
Have a specific stress point?  Take our survey to help identify what products are best suited to your needs. Or take a look at our list of Ergonomists.

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