Working From Home Ergonomics - How to Optimize Your Setup

Work From Home Webinar - How to Optimize your Setup

 Due to the ever increasing amount of people working remotely these days, we decided to create a home office webinar to help you stay productive and comfortable. It’s a quick 20 minutes clip that will walk you through 3 main points.


  • What an optimal set-up looks like (1:11 to 10:30)
  • The importance of breaks and how to Incorporate them (10:30 to 12:05)
  • How to Optimize your Set-Up with what you have at home (12:05 to 17:30)


Feel free to contact if you have any questions!

If you would like a one on one virtual consultation to improve your workspace we now have virtual home office ergonomics consultations available. This is for those who have a home office and for those who are looking for the best spot in their home to work.

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