#4 Top 3 Most Under Rated Office Ergonomic Products on the Market In Canada!

My Ergo Mania Admin - April 1, 2021

In this blog we are going to uncover the top 3 most under rated office ergonomic products on the Canadian market! We are really excited to unveil these products since they are great tools to improve your work setting, easy to implement and great on the budget!

3rd Place - Foot Rest

The foot rest may seem like a knickknack that some people at your work just bought to look cool. But the truth is that this ergonomic product actually has a bigger purpose than aesthetics and looking cool.

Purpose: to create a space where your feet can be grounded and in a comfortable position. Grounding your feet can eliminate the contact stress between your legs and your chair.

- Adding a footrest to your office set-up has the potential to enhance your posture and make discomforts disappear.
- Having a footrest gives you a second option that is still ergonomically sound to ground your feet. The more ergonomically friendly sitting options the better. Sitting in one position all day promotes muscle fatigue and that usually leads to discomfort! So having multiple options for good sitting posture at your office is key.

2nd Place - Glare Protector / Privacy Filter

The glare protector is a game changer for those who have their offices close to a window or have fixed lighting sources that are creating a glare on your monitor. You can figure out if glare is a problem for you by putting your hand above your eyes like you are looking for someone. If this prompted, you to stop squinting or a sense of relief for your eyes it would be a great time to get a glare protector for your monitor.

Purpose: To reduce the amount of glare coming from various light source in the office.

- Reduces eye strain and fatigue
- Makes looking at your monitor more pleasant
- If your headaches were caused by the bad lighting in your office, those could be a thing of the past.

1st Place - Keyboard Tray

Keyboard trays are simply the best! Let’s rephrase that… adjustable keyboard trays are the absolute best things ever!!!! When you add a keyboard tray to your fixed desk you don’t need to try to move your chair to an in-between position to cater to your lower body and upper body. And let’s be honest that position far from being an ergonomically sound.

Purpose: This ergonomically friendly product allows you to get your upper limbs in a comfortable neutral position without jeopardizing the rest! WHAT MORE COULD ONE ASK FOR!!!! That its number 1!

- Comfort.
- Adjustability.
- Provides the ability to get yourself in an optimal working position.
- You do not need to buy an adjustable desk to have your upper body in a relaxed position.

A good quality keyboard tray can revitalize your office and bring you comforts you thought only a new chair could bring.

On that note, we hope you enjoyed this short blog! If you have any questions about these products or anything at all don’t be shy and contact us!