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Top 3 most under rated office ergonomic products on the market, in Canada!

In this blog we are going to uncover the top 3 most under rated office ergonomic products on the Canadian market! We are really excited to unveil these products since they are great tools to improve your work setting, easy to implement and great on the budget!

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Student Ergonomics

Students have the most interesting studying spots. I have seen a lot of makeshift study spaces, some more elaborate than others. I feel like the name of the laptop has been taken a little too seriously by students throughout the years. It is not meant to be used for long  periods of time on your lap or on a kitchen table. Don’t get me wrong, they are great portable devices. They allow students to study and work just about anywhere. The problem is the posture it puts students in to complete their tasks. The risk of discomfort is extremely high!