10 Tips For Returning To The Office

10 Tips for Returning to The Office

There is a rumor going around that some lucky Canadian office workers are heading back to the office come June! We know it’s been a while, that is why we are here to help you transition back to the office as smoothly as possible through humour and great tips.


Disclaimer: Your employers will set the health guidelines. This blog is intended to lighten up the mood and get you excited about going back to work in the office.

Changing Style

Move aside sweats, the office is calling. Office wear should be brought back. Yes, getting dressed will have to be reintroduced to the morning routine! To ease the shock, you should ask your boss to go back to the office on casual Friday. We believe that this would be a great way to facilitate a smoother transition.

Tip #1: Ask your boss to return to the office on a casual Friday or make the whole week a casual Friday Week.

Changing your clothes from comfy casual to suits or dresses or whatever the office fashion is in 2020, is within the cards. What’s a little trickier to deal with is the unfortunate things you did to your hair. The pure entertainment of the online videos of people cutting their hair and trying to DIY hair dye for the first time almost made us forget that sports weren’t on TV. Now, you may have not filmed yourself doing such a thing but you may still be a victim of the quarantine haircut. If you aren’t able to fix it before you get back to work due to the hair dressers and barbers being closed or over booked don’t worry.

Tip #2: Embrace your quarantine look. You are not alone.

Tip #3: Remember who was bald before quarantine and don’t make fun of their shaved head … it’s not a new hairdo.

Tip #4: It is probably safer to abstain from commenting on people’s hair for the next couple of months’ even if it’s a compliment.


Big Mood

All kidding aside, if aren’t too keen about going back to the office to work. These next tips are scientifically proven to help improve your mood! Who doesn’t like a good mood booster?

Tip #5: Add a small plant next to your monitor and take a few breaks throughout the day to look at it.

Tip #6: Keep the workouts in your office life routine. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY IS KEY 


Staying Comfy

Stay comfy?!?! When you directly translate this statement to office language this means stay comfortable. We already told you to ditch the sweats, so how in the world are you supposed to stay comfortable at the office?

You can be comfortable at the office when your office set-up is adjusted to you, and when you take breaks throughout the day. Movement is crucial for comfort!  

Tip #7: Take time to adjust your set-up!

Tip #8: Take breaks: coffee, bathroom, lunch, etc.


Turning Red

You might be out of practice when it comes to interacting with another human being, let alone your CO-WORKERS! These next tips will help you steer clear from embarrassing moments. We couldn’t save you from the bathroom zoom meetings but we are here now.

Tip #9: When going to the office bathroom lock and close the door.

Tip #10: Do not sing Mariah Carey songs at the top of your lungs… people are listening.

Hopefully you enjoyed this amusing return to work blog! Even though we can’t help you with your haircut, we can help you figure out if your office set-up is fit for you.

Any office related questions regarding your comfort and desk set-up, feel free to contact us!


ErgoMania Team

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