About us

About Camille Fraser, CEO, Ergo Mania

I graduated from Dalhousie University with a degree in Kinesiology (the study of the human body movement) and I am a participating member of the British Columbia Kinesiology Association. Believe it or not, ergonomics under the kinesiology umbrella. You move when you work! Could it be repetitive movements or micro movements. After I graduated, I was mentored by an ergonomist to deepen my knowledge in office ergonomics. I always stay on top of the new office ergonomics research and look for ways to improve my skill. Other than professional qualifications, I am a great communicator, very excited about all ergonomics, and eager to teach more people about the “feel good story” of ERGONOMICS. 

I believe in ergonomics and most ergonomic office furniture because they are backed up by science. As simple as that. Trust me I’ve done the research :) 

Who are you, and what are you all about?

I am a French Canadian that is crazy about pushing her body's limits on crazy outdoor excursions and races. I am all about helping people reach their own physical activity goals injury free. I am all about not letting office work affect my daily activities. I am all about finding ways to better perform at and out of work. I am all about the complexity of the human body movement and its effect on physical and mental health. 

What inspired you to start Ergo Mania?

When I first started dipping my toes in the Office Ergonomics field, I realized how time consuming shifting through all of the products on the market was. There are alot of amazing products out there but there are just as many lesser ones with great taglines. Finding reliable products and staying on top of the new technologies takes a lot of time and can be extremely confusing for the office worker.

This lead me to: 

  • Want to create a space that would help ergonomists be confident in their recommendations of products and keep them up to date with the industry up and coming products. 
  • Want to create a friendly website and knowledgeable team to help the average office worker with their office discomforts.

PrintersPlus and I found a way to create just that!