An Introduction to ErgoMania

An Introduction to ErgoMania

Who We Are: ErgoMania


We’ve set the bar high and plan to get there in a timely fashion. As more and more organizations across Canada rid themselves of complacency in the ergonomics field, we plan to be a front runner in this upgrade in lifestyle.


With years of data piling up, the health risks associated with sitting, standing or typing for an extended period of time are more apparent than ever. While the detractors will attempt to hang on to antiquated office arrangements for as long as possible, many of today’s organizations are showing their employees some additional love by outfitting their spaces with the equipment that literally can add years to the lives of their employees.

Here’s how we are planning to get involved (and make a difference!)


It’s the one word we use the most around here. Given the nature of our industry, we want not only to showcase and represent the best brands and products in the ergonomics industry, we also want to establish another level of trust with our clientele and customers.
Backing up our products with extensive resources such as this blog, our management team and our Ergonomist Directory, are just a few of the many ways we are working towards this lofty goal.

A Comprehensive Marketplace

As we stated above, we are working to create the web’s most comprehensive ergonomics marketplace and it all begins with the platform. We’ve spent years developing the expertise and knowledge and we’ve built it all into our exciting new website. Externally, we’ve worked tirelessly on establishing a network of both organizational and ergonomic professionals in our quest to become the gold standard in ergonomics equipment and supplies.
Additionally, we’ve built out tools such as our Survey which is designed to help guide you along your path to a healthier relationship with your work space.  Our tech will then pair it with hand-picked products that we believe will help solve the problem, enabling you to get back on the right track as soon as possible.

Customer Experience

If you have a problem, we want to hear about it.  Not only that, we will help you find the best solution based on our expertise every time.
A quality product has to be matched with a quality customer support infrastructure, or at least that is what we believe.  We strive not only to provide our customers an enhanced online experience, but an offline one as well.  If you have a question, comment or concern we’ll be there for you via phone or email.

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