Roller Mouse vs Orbit Trackball

Roller Mouse vs Orbit Trackball

Week 4: Roller Mouse Red Plus vs. Kensington Orbit Trackball with Scroll Ring

Things are getting personal this week! We are diving into two different mouse categories but also targeting two specific products. Things are going to get interesting…
With so many different types of mice that roam the office it can be hard to see which one works for you. Especially if you are trying to stray from the conventional mouse with hopes of reducing or eliminating your wrist/hand repetitive strain injuries
Turned off by mice or anything that resembles them?  Most will look into rolling or trackball clicking devices. This is why we have chosen the roller mouse red plus and the Kensington orbit trackball with scroll ring to go head to head!   

Roller Mouse Red Plus

Roller Mouse
  • Fits small, medium and large sized hands.
  • Eliminates gripping and squeezing movements produced by a conventional mouse that are known risk factors for repetitive strain injuries. 
  • Is ambidextrous! 
  • It can be difficult for beginner users to perform simultaneous coordinated motions (ex: drag and drop). (
  • Takes up more space than a trackball or conventional mouse. If desk space is at a premium this may not be the best solution. Make sure that if you type often that your keyboard is still in prime position. 
  • $$$ 

Kensington Orbit Trackball with Scroll Ring

Orbit Trackball Mouse
  • Fits all hand shapes and is ambidextrous.
  • Less hand/wrist motions. 
  • Does not take a lot of space on the desk. 
  • Cost effective. 
  • Comes with software to personalize the trackball settings to suit your needs. 
  • It does take time to get used to using this device. Although, it is estimated to take people less than a week to get back or surpass their clicking speeds. (Kensington)
  • Need to buy wrist rest accessories to provide optimal comfort. 
  • Shape is similar from a conventional mouse. Same awkward ulnar deviation. 
Have fun debating this battle with your co-workers!

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