What Can Ergonomists do For YOU?

Ergonomists are people that hold many different hats within their scope of practice. It’s quite impressive!  Their multifaceted approach gives them the capability to unravel basic to complex workspace difficulties, and turn them into well-oiled powerhouses. 
Sounds like a fairy-tale doesn’t it? Let us let you in on a little secret on how they manage to help your office reach a higher level of productivity. 


The information that Ergonomists use to build their practice on is scientifically based. This means that every suggestion they make for your workspace is backed up by an incredible array of research. Their knowledge on the human body and cognitive abilities serves a great purpose when it comes to fitting someone to their workspace.

Prioritizing Skills 

Ergonomists can help you figure out where you should prioritize the employees well-being budget for optimal results, no matter how big or small it is. For example, if you have a smaller budget, Ergonomists can come in and assess which employees are in most need of change in their office through risk analysis. 

Neutral Party 

Having a third party come observe the dynamics of your office can be greatly beneficial. They can provide unbiased insight on workplaces processes and systems, amd identify where there might be weaknesses.  They can provide constructive feedback on how to ameliorate it to build a stronger foundation. 

There are 3 main specialties in ergonomics: physical, cognitive and organizational. Note that some Ergonomists specialize in one of those domains. 

Make sure you ask your selected Ergonomists what they are capable and willing to evaluate for your business. After all it is in the Ergonomists code of ethics to act with honesty, integrity and impartiality and show competence at all times in his or her work. 
To help, we've ensure that all of the Ergonomists on ErgoMania have been carefully selected in order to give you the best tools to create a productive workplace! 

To make this fairy-tale come to an office near you, you can start by finding an Ergonomist.

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