What to Do During Your Micro-Breaks?

What to Do During Your Micro-Breaks?

Let’s talk about micro breaks and how to utilize them!

Micro-breaks are short breaks taken after 45-60 minutes of static desk work. Their purpose is to minimize the risk of repetitive strain injuries, which is why they are commonly suggested to office workers by professionals.

During these breaks you can go to the bathroom, fill up your water bottle, go talk to your co-worker about a work related question or our favourite exercise!

Although, push-ups are great for strength and conditioning we don’t expect people to drop down to the ground and give us 20. We are more realistic and understand how weird it can be for some to do exercises at work. That is why we came up with 5 discrete exercises you can do during your micro-breaks to really get the most out of them.

Exercise 1: Neck Tilt

The neck is normally subject to a lot of stress. That is way it is important to relieve some of that tension once in a while. To do so tilt your head to the left and hold for a couple of seconds and then tilt to the right side. Repeat 3 to 4 times.

Note: If your arms are on your chairs armrests let them hang loose.

Man tilting head 

Man flexing wrist


Exercise 2: Wrists flexion and extension

The typing enthusiast will love this one! It reduces the stress on your wrists. Get your hands off of your keyboard and flex and extend your wrists at a slow controlled pace. Repeat this 8-10 times.

Note: If you want to feel more sensation proceed with the exercise with one hand and have the other hand push the fully extended or flexed wrist.

Exercise 3: Back twist

Now this one feels fantastic! Get ready to love this exercise. Sit in your chair with a nice straight back, feet flat on the ground and grab your left armrest with both hands and let your back follow. Do the same thing on your right side. We won’t tell you how many of these to do… just make sure you keep you break short.

Note: To add to this exercise you can add resistance with your hands by pulling on the armrests.

 Man twisting back
Man leg figure 4 exercise


Exercise 4: Leg’s figure 4

Usually the figure 4 leg stretch is done on the ground but we won’t succumb to gravity today. We will stay in our chairs. Place your left leg on top of the right leg creating an upside down number 4. Repeat once on the other side.

Note: To increase the sensation, with a flat back bring yourself slightly forward.

Exercise 5: Ankle circles

This exercise is great for keeping blood flow to those lower extremities flowing. Don’t underestimate the simplistic exercises! They bring in a lot of value (especially if you have a standing desk). Lift one leg up and do clockwise and counter clockwise circles with your ankle. Up to 10 circles before switching sides.

Note: If lifting your leg up is too hard for you, you can always keep your foot on the ground and do your circles from there.

 Man doing ankle circles


Have fun doing your incognito exercises and taking time to reset for more productive work!

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