#1 Chair Solution that Fits Your Budget

My Ergo Mania - Admin April 1, 2021

Office chairs are used by tens and thousands of people in Canada every day. Their cost ranges from free from the side of the road to well infinity and beyond. For some it is easy to justify getting a good office chair while others not so much.

There are a lot of people who can’t seem to understand why you would spend “so much money” on an office chair.

We are going to tackle this very important question but the main purpose of this blog is to match a chair solution to your budget J.

To start us off, here are some great reasons as to why you should to get you fired up about finding a great chair solution for yourself!

- You spend a lot of your time sitting on them.
- You want to be comfortable.
- You don’t want to end up with a piece of crap that doesn’t last long. Expensive chairs come with warrantees!
- You can adjust almost every aspect of the chair to suit your needs.
- You can feel the quality of the breathable material.
- You like doing physical activity outside of work 

ErgoMania Chair Solution Match Maker

Pick the budget that suits you and see what we have matched you with! Like any online match making site take the time to properly examine your new match. Not to worry, unlike all the online match making you will not have to site through an awkward date quite the opposite actually. You will end up sitting in comfort and form a guaranteed great work relationship.

Budget #1: under 200$

The under 200$ budget won’t get you a new ergonomic chair that will last you a long time or with all the adjustments necessary. That is why if you already possess a chair we strongly suggest you get a virtual consult (35$) to see how you can arrange your work set up to fit around your chair.

If you feel like your current chair doesn’t have your back like it used to at the beginning, you can always introduce a backrest to your chair. This will help provide that extra support you once had.

If your current chair leaves your glutes feeling like they are sitting on a plank of wood (ok this can be a slight exageration) add a seat pan support.

If you feel like your fixed arm rests are not at the optimal height and cause more harm than not, try to figure out how to take them off. It is better to not have armrests if they interfere with your position for the worst and not the better.

Your matches are:
Seat pan cushion , Back rest and Virtual consult.

Budget #2: under 400$

Although Budget #2 has a significant increase in price, it will still fall short of a new ergonomic chair. (Unless you opt for a student chair**).

Look at the budget #1 to see if they suit your needs.

If budget #1 didn’t suit your needs, we have a crazy suggestion that will only work if you commit to a new kind of office vibe.

We suggest for you to opt for an active chair or stool! This will add to your office in more ways than one. It will help you not stay in the same position for a long period of time and will make your co-workers wishing they had gone with budget #2.

Your matches are:
Active sitting and stool

Budget #3: under $600

We are now in the budget zone that will allow you to get an ergonomic chair with the adjustments that you need! Oh and let’s not forget about the quality of the support you will have!

**For all of our chairs you can contact us to personalize the chair to your needs at no extra charge! **

Your Matches are:
Go check out ErgoCentric Mesh chair and contact us to personalize the chair to you.

Budget #4: over $600

The world is your oyster when it comes to the style of the chair! You can pick what chair is best for your office.

Let your style lead your choice. When you pick the chairs from our site no way you can go wrong. Especially if you contact us so we can help personalize the chair to you!

Here are your matches click here to look at all of your options!

Don't hesitate to contact us, we love to help!